Sturgeon caviar Arian D'Or assortment

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Sturgeon caviar from Caspian sea, "Arian d'or Selection" is a legendary golden variety with a big grain, soft texture and an extraordinary fruity taste.

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  • Better served at low temperature, between 0 and 4 ºC (32 – 39 º F).  Classically, caviar is served in a bowl on a bed of crushed ice or on blinis or canapes. The traditional way to taste it is alone, using a spoon made of noble metal, mother-of-pearl, ivory or horn.
  • It goes with cava, brut champagne, vodka even some dry white wines can be adequate.
  • Caviar must be savoured slowly, sensing its soft texture, being seduced by the delicate bursting of the roe. Its taste will evoke memories of distant lands and seas.

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